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A132: The Dark Truths Behind Disney
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Harshini Pathivada

In this course, we will be discussing the dark truths behind the happy endings of Disney movies. In the end, we will play a fun game of Jeopardy with some candy.

A love of Disney & storytelling!

A140: Intro to Music Theory
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Benjamin Kamis

Ever wonder why music sounds good? Or how to make music yourself? This course is an introduction to massive fields of composition and score analysis. We will learn everything from the basics of key signatures to the complexities of chord progressions!

Must be able to read sheet music (clef doesn't matter)


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H129: How To Become An Activist
Difficulty: *
Teachers: Emily Weinberg

Do you see what is going on in the world and wish you knew how you could affect change? Take this class to learn about the importance of being an activist and how anyone can become an advocate for the issues they care about. Learn the basic steps needed to organize, educate your peers, and make a difference in the world around you.

H130: Learn Italian!
Difficulty: **

Learn some of the basics of the wonderful Italian language! This is a great introductory class to speaking Italian and does not require any prior experience. Learn some phrases and words that would be helpful to know if you were to travel to Italy. Also, if you are interested in taking Italian in high school, this is a great class to gain insight into the language.

H135: Modern Descent of Feminism
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Karen Chen

Ever wonder how feminism has become one of the biggest global social movements? We’ll break down what exactly feminism is, the history of feminism, and its relation to culture & race. We’ll also uncover how economics, politics, and legal systems have influenced feminism in America and the grander scheme of the world. Join us in building thoughtful minds and learning how you can make a change!

•Welcome to boys, girls, and nonbinary genders•

H136: Journalism 101
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Christina Li

A course for anyone interested in learning about the mechanics of journalism. Learn about the inverted pyramid, interview strategies, and the life of a story.

H137: Introduction to Economics
Difficulty: **
Teachers: Christina Li

Why does a diamond cost more than a bottle of water, even though water is much more important for human survival? Why do airplane tickets become more expensive closer to a flight's date? These are questions we will answer in Intro to Economics. We will discuss both microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts.

H138: MARVEL-ous Ethics
Difficulty: **

Was Thanos right? Is Bucky a bad guy? What is Hydra? Why is Hydra?
In this course, we will watch clips from Marvel movies and other major blockbusters to spark discussions about ethics and how to make the right choices.

Math & Computer Science

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M131: Aerospace Robotics
Difficulty: ***

This class is taught by captains of the LHS Aerospace Robotics Competition Team, where students compete in the National Rocketry Competition of America. Nearly 5,000 students from across the nation compete each year. In this class we will design a rocket using simulation software and demonstrate how our model rocket launches work by bringing the launch apparatus in and one of our team rockets. Coming to this as an eighth grader will prepare students for a potential spot on our team as an LHS freshman, if that is of interest to them!

M133: Build a PC
Difficulty: **

Learn how to build a PC (Personal Computer)!
We will take you through the parts needed, as well as some tools to help you. There will be a PC that we will use as a visual aide.



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X134: Learn How To Beatbox!!
Difficulty: **

Ever wonder how people make the drum noises in a cappella music? In this course, we will explore and learn how to create sounds with mouths that imitate percussion instruments. We will go over some of the basic sounds and techniques that are necessary to keep a beat!