Community Service

How many community service hours will I get?

You will get 1 hour for each hour you teach and a 2 hour planning bonus for each independent class.

For example, if you were teaching two hour-long class blocks of neuroscience and one block of origami, you would receive a total of 6 service hours (2 teaching hours, 4 planning hours).

Not enough hours for you? Sign up to volunteer during your free blocks!

How do I get LHS hours?

1) Print out this community service form.

2) Fill out the required information - our organization name is "Lex Splash Club"

3) Bring the form to Splash - a designated admin member will sign your form when you check out!

How do I get NHS hours?

1) Sign up as a participant for "Lex Splash" on the Lexington NHS website

2) Print out a service form

3) Fill out the required information

4) Bring the form to Splash - we will sign forms during check-out!

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