What can I teach?

Short answer: Anything! What distinguishes Splash from other academic programs is the diversity and creativity of classes - we believe that teachers should be able to teach anything they are passionate about. As long as your class does not involve dangerous materials or encourage illegal behavior, you're good!

How do I choose what to teach?

If you have no idea what to teach, we suggest brainstorming a list of everything you're passionate about. This can be an academic subject, a sport, a celebrity, a controversy ... anything! Once you've come up with that list, choose your favorite, and try to make it into a class.

Here are a few examples:
- Ukulele basics
- Neuroscience for beginners
- Fantasy football strategies
- K-Pop Dance
- Introduction to feminism
- Physics of water bottle flipping

How should I plan and organize my class?

Make a syllabus for your class! Begin by figuring out what information you want to cover, and condense it down to fit into a 50 minute class period. Remember that the classes are targeted for middle school students, so keep it simple and engaging! Think about what you would have found engaging in middle school when designing your course material. Once you have a preliminary outline, figure out what supplemental materials you'll need. You will want a mixture of lecturing, handouts, discussion, and hands-on activities.

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