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Lex Splash is a program inspired Splashes run by many colleges across the country (MIT, Yale, Stanford, and more), in which college students teach high school students a wide range of topics. Our version of the program will be run at the high school level, with high schoolers teaching middle schoolers!

When is it?

Lex Splash will be held on Saturday, April 18th.

Who teaches the classes?

You! This is an entirely student-led program. All classes will be taught by LHS students who are enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge and talents.

Who are we teaching?

Middle school students from across Lexington and nearby towns.

What can we teach?

Basically anything! Splash classes at the college level include everything from algebra and neuroscience to baking and playing the ukulele. While you will be a little more restricted in terms of topic complexity, you can still teach anything that interests you. For more information, go to the ideas page.

How do classes work?

The day will be broken into class periods, with each class lasting 50 minutes. Students will choose to attend different classes each period. When choosing a topic, you should keep in mind that you will have 45 minutes, at most, to teach (although you do have the option to teach a double block). Also, remember that you are teaching younger students -- keep it simple and engaging!

Will I get community service hours?

YES! For details, see the service page.

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